Rem – Ha We Get Paid For It tab

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Here's an attempt at the chords for Ha! The lyrics are from the
31 March 81 performance of the song; the only other one, from 7 Nov 81,
has lyrics that are completely incomprehenisble. [Bracketed lyrics] are
those I'm _really_ not sure about. And I have no idea how the break is
played. But I hope this is helpful.

main riff:

d: --0-4-5-4-0-2-|a: 2-------------|
repeat riff over verse: Proceed to circle Call her out Men cry her evil Since they [yearned in cry] D E D E D E Ha! Oh, ha, oh, my! C B A We get paid for it C B A We assume C B A We get paid for it C B A We haggle repeat main riff over verse: [To gather her collar] Since they, since they got a new Now, call your side Picking [in a who] (chorus) break: ??? verse: Circle our reason Subject, call it fate She said, circle reason She said, full of hate (chorus twice)
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