Rem – I Took Your Name tab

This is transcribed as I hear it from the live version. Part of it is
 questionable, but it sounds okay in my head.

E A5 C Ae:---0-----x-----0-----0-----------|B:---0-----x-----1-----2-----------|G:---1-----x-----0-----2-----------|D:---2-----x-----2-----2-----------|A:---2-----0-----3-----0-----------|E:---0-----0-----0-----0-----------|
Intro: E | A5 | E The A5 should be played only three times before reverting to E. 1ST VERSE E A5 I wore the clothes you wanted E A5 I took your name E A5 E If there is some confusion, who's to blame? E A5 I signed your living will E A5 I smiled your face E A5 E A5 I'm ready to close the book on NASA in outer space CHORUS C A A5 If there is some confusion E C A A5 Who's to blame? E A5 Who's to blame? 2ND VERSE I sequenced your arrival I sealed your fate I pushed the button and erased your master tape I wrote the sales pitch I threw the brake switch I dragged your big ass daddy roth car out of that ditch CHORUS BRIDGE A A5 E x2 C A A5 E x2 A5 E 3RD VERSE I crossed your great divide I stirred your ocean's tide I called your bluff until I blew your circuits wide I'll be your albatross Your devil, dog, Jesus, God I don't wanna be Iggy Pop but if that's what it takes, hey ENDING CHORUS C A C If there is some confusion A C If there is some confusion A A5 E If there is some confusion C A A5 E Who's to blame? C A A5 E Who's to blame? C A A5 E Who's to blame? End with: C A A5 E (x2)
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