Rem - Memphis Train Blues tab


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From: JACK/NANCY  WAGNER (102017.1777@CompuServe.COM)

(fade in)
                                                        riff one
b               ||-17--17--20        (repeat this measure)||
(go back to riff one, then...)

e------------17--20--20--20--20--20--20--20--20--17--|b--17--20--------------------------------------------------------|--20--20--20--20--20--20--20--20-- ...........
"sound more like the ballpark to me...allright guys" this song is not played on a guitar - it's played on a mandolin, which explains the high numbers. if you play mandolin, i'll help you out. here you go: guitar mandolin on the first string: 15th fret - 3rd fret " 17th fret - 5th fret " 20th fret - 8th fret " 22nd fret - 10th fret g. m. on the second string: 17th fret - 7 (or the first string open) " 20th fret - 3rd fret
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