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Chords/Tab by:  Bryan Killingsworth

{When playing the A and D chords in the song, occasionally play sus2 and sus4
chords also.  Listen to the song to get a feel for when to play these chords.
You'll hear the different notes.}

intro (let ring): C#m B C#me---4---------------0---------4---------0-|B----5--4--------2---2---------5--4-----2-| (end intro)G--------6--------4----------------6----4-|D-6-------6-6sl/4--4--4-4sl/6-------6-6-4-|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
C#m B I found this photograph, A underneath the broken picture glass. C#m A Tender face of black and white, C#m A Beautiful, a haunting sight. C#m B Looked into an angel's smile, A captivated all the while. C#m A From the hair and clothes she wore, C#m A I'd place her in between the wars. E B Was she willing when she sat A D and posed the pretty photograph? E B Save her flowering and fair, A D the days to come, the days to share. E B D Dsus2 A big smile for the camera, A D how did she know? E B D Dsus2 the moment could be lost forever A C#m forever more C#m B I found this photograph, A stashed between the old joist walls, C#m A in a place where time is lost, C#m A lost behind, where all things fall. C#m B Broken books and calendars, A letters script in careful hand, C#m A music too, a standard tune by C#m A some forgotten big brass band. E B From the threshhold what's to see A of our brave new century? E B The television's just a dream, A the radio, the silver screen. E B D Dsus2 A big smile for the camera, A D how did she know? E B D Dsus2 the moment could be lost forever A C#m forever more Bridge: {play intro riff 3 times} E B D Dsus2 A D (repeats) last repeat replace last D with C#m E B Was her childhood filled with rhymes, A D stolen hooks, impassioned crimes? E B Was she innocent or blind A D to the cruelty of her time? E B Was she fearful in her day, A D was she hopeful, did she pray? E B Were there skeletons inside, A D family secrets, sworn to hide? E B Did she feel the heat that stirs, A D the fall from grace of wayward girls? E B Was she tempted to pretend, A D the love and laughter, 'til the end?
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