Rem – Be Mine tab ver. 2

This is my first tab contribution, but I'm confident it's right. It's
similar to the other versions, but I have a few different chords in the
chorus section and I added the tab for a little riff that ends the chorus.

Riff 1: "I never thought of this as funny..."

Riff 2: "I wanna be your christmas tree..." (Chords only)
Riff 3: "I'll strip the world that you must live in..." (same as Riff 1, but in reverse order. End with the first half again)
Chorus: "You and me..." (Chords only)
The chorus chords end with a little riff. I usually play it as:
There is also a "solo" that plays over the chorus during certain repetitions. Strum the first note, then slide from note to note. For this part, play:
The whole order of the song is as follows: Riff 1: I never thought of this as funny It speaks another world to me I wanna be your Easter bunny Riff 2: I wanna be your Christmas tree Riff 3: I'll strip the world that you must live in Of all its godforsaken greed I'll ply the tar out of your feathers I'll pluck the thorns out of your feet Riff 2: You and me Chorus: You and me You and me Riff 1: And if I choose your sanctuary I'll want to wash you with my hair I'll want to drink of sacred fountains Riff 2: And find the riches hidden there Riff 3: I'll eat the lotus and peyote I'll want to hear the caged-bird sing I'll want the secrets of the temple I'll want the finger with the ring Riff 2: You and me Chorus: You and me You and me Chorus + Solo Riff 1: And if you make me your religion I'll give you all you will need I'll be the drawing of your breath Riff 2: I'll be the cup if you should bleed Riff 3: I'll be the sky above the Ganges I'll be the vast and stormy sea I'll be the lights that guide you inland I'll be the visions you will see Riff 2 Chorus: Visions you will see You will see You will see Chorus: You and me You and me You and me Chorus + Solo: You and me You and me You and me Chorus + Solo (x4) And that's it!
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