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Contains: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Maps and Legends, Driver 8, Life and How 
	  to Live It, Can't Get There From Here, Wendell Gee
Missing:  Old Man Kensey, Kohoutek, Auctioneer (Another Engine),


{opening riff}
#har denotes harmonics on that fret(E) --------------------0--------------------------5har--(B) -12-------12------0---0----------7har----------5har--(G)----11-10----11-10----------------7har----------5har--
{play the riff but start with the stuff on the 7th fret of the low E string} I fell asleep at just about every paragraph Read the scene where gravity is pulling me around Peel back the mountains peel back the sky Stomp gravity into the floor It's a Man Ray kind of sky I'll show you what I can do with it Time and distance are out of place here
{The riff is like this:(B) ------0------0------0------0----(G) ----0------0------0------0------(D) --------------------------------(A) -----------------------0--------(E) -0------2-------3---------------
Step up, step up, step up the sky is opening {of course, start the riff again} With the lightest mind I felt gravity pull Somewhere near the end it's sad You can't do this I said I can To shift sway rivers shift, oceans fall and mountains drift It's a Man Ray kind of sky I'll show you what I can do with it Step up, step up, step up. The sky is opening. C With the lightest mind, I felt gravity pull... D C D ...onto my eyelids. Holding my head straight- C B This is the easiest task I've ever had to do... I fell asleep at just about every paragraph Read the scene where gravity is pulling me around Shift the swaying river's shift Oceans fall and mountains drift It's a Man Ray kind of sky I'll show you what I can do with it Time and distance are out of place here ________________ This is the easiest task I've ever had to do... {The end follows these chords: B C B C B C B C D B} Gravity pulls me down MAPS AND LEGENDS {intro:} Em D2 Em (A) --0-h-2----- (E) --------3--3-0 Is he to be reached, he's not to be reached Is he to be reached, he's not to be reached D2 Em D2 Em Call the fool in company D2 Em F#m A On his own where he'd rather be D2 Em D2 Em D2 Em F#m A/Asus4 Where he ought to be he sees what you can't see, can't you see that {same as intro} Maybe he's caught in the legend maybe he's caught in the mood Maybe these maps and legends Have been misunderstood Down the way the roads divided Name me the places you have seen Those who know what I don't know Have heard of the yellow red and green {the break follows these chords} D Dm F C D Dm F F D Dm F C The map that she's made him doesn't seem real He just sees whatever he sees Point to the legend point to the east Point to the yellow red and green DRIVER 8
riff: (G) -------------------4---0---0---0---0---0--- (D) ---------------s-5----5---5--4---2---0----- (A) --------2-0-2-3---------------------------- (E) 0-0-2-3------------------------------------ repeat....
Em Am G G/F# The walls are built up stone by stone Em Am G G/F# The fields divided one by one Em Am And the train conductor says G G/F# Em Am Take a break driver 8, driver 8 take a break G G/F# We've been on this shift too long D C D And the train conductor says C D C D Take a break driver 8, driver 8 take a break C Em Em/F# Em/G Em/F# Em Em/F# Em/G Em/F# We can reach our destination, but we're still a ways away {on that part, you can play the Em Em/F# Em/G Em chords, or you can play this riff:
(D)------0-------0------0--------0--(A) ---2-------2------2-------2-----(E) -0-------2------3------2--------
Saw a treehouse on the outskirts of the farm Power lines have floaters so the airplanes won't get snagged Bells are ringing through the town again Children look up all they hear is sky-blue bells ringing Am C Way to seal the hated heat G D Way to put myself to sleep Am C Way to seal the hated heat G D/Dsus4 Way to put myself my children to sleep Pilot did this song in a plane like that one She is selling faith on a hotel crusade Locomotive 8, Southern Crescent hear the bells ring again This field of wheat is looking thin And the train conductor says Take a break driver 8, driver 8 take a break We've been on this shift too long LIFE AND HOW TO LIVE IT
intro: "C" "D"(B) ----5-------7--------5------5------5------------7----8---10----10----10-s-12(G) ------5--------5--------5------5--------5---------7----7----7-----7--------
(D) -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(A) -3------3---------3-------3-------3--------3-s-5----5-----5---5-----5------
{of course repeat, end on "C" chord}{riff}(B) -7--7--7--5--5--x--x--5--x--x--5--5--s--7--7--x--x--(G) -5--5--5--5--5--7--7--5--7--7--5--5--s--7--7--9--7--9--7....(D) -5--5--5--x--x--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--s--7--7--7--7--9--7.....
{hang on those last 2 notes} {repeat riff as necessary or play chords over verse} C D Burn bright through the night, two pockets lead the way C D To yours to go between the wall was razed today C D To yours the names before your others and your own C D Keep these books well stocked away and take your happy home G5 Gsus4 G Gsus4 D My carpenter's out and running about talking to the street {same as before} My pockets are out and running about Walking in the street to tell what I have hidden there Burn bright through the night, two pockets lead the way To yours to go between the wall was razed today Raze the walls the childish flaws the carpenters should wrestle So that when you tire of one side the other serves you best {somewhere around her, there's that little break "Listen to the holler..." chords are: F Fsus4 C D The hills ringing hear the words in time Listen to the holler listen to my walls within my tongue When my ears go tin the air quicken tension build ________ inference suddenly Life and how to live it Raze the walls the childish flaws the carpenters should wrestle So that when you tire of one side the other serves you best Read about the wisdom lost a knock a knock a knock A secret knock one hammer's locked the other wisdom lost Listen listen to the holler I will write a book it will be called Life and How to Live It CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE Bm7 Bm C#m B When the world is a monster Bm7 Bm C#m B Bad to swallow you whole E B G# (open B and E strings) Kick the clay that holds those teeth in G6 F# (open B and E strings) Throw your troubles out the door Bm7 Bm C#m B If you're needing inspiration Bm7 C#m B B7 Philomath is where I go E B G# Lawyer Jeff he knows the lowdown G6 F# He's mighty glad to visit home E A F# B I've been there I know the way Can't get there from here .......F# {same as other verse} When your hands are feeling empty Stick heads jumpin off the ground, 'round Tris is sure to shirr the deers out Run away sing my song B D A B Hands down Calechee bound B D A B Landlocked kiss the ground Dirt of seven continents going round and round Go on ahead Mr. Citywide hypnotized, suit and tied Gentlemen, testify .....F# {same as before} If your world is a monster Bad to swallow you whole Philomath they know the lowdown Throw your troubles out the door {ending} E E E7 E7 E7 GREEN GROW THE RUSHES The song opens with this, the chorus (3 times): E---0----------------0-----0-------
B-----2-3-SL-5-5-0-----3-----3---3- SL - slide upG------------------4-----4-----4--- sl - slide downD---------------------------------- H - hammer onA-0-------------------------------- h - hammer offE----------------------------------
Then, after the third time through:E---2-----2-----2-2-2-2-2-----------B-----3-----3---3-3-3-3-3-0---------G-4-----4-----4-4-4-4-4-4-0---------D-----------------------------------A-----------------------------------E-----------------------------------
The chords are D Dsus D G Bm E with some picking thrown in (2 times):E-2-2-3-2-2-3-3-3-----------2-----------0-0---------0------------------B-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----------3-----------0---0---------0----------------G-2-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-----------4-----------1-----1-H-2-----0--------------D-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0---------0-4-----------2------------------------------A-----------2-2-2---0-H-2---2-2-2-2-2-2-2------------------------------E-----------3-3-3-3---------------------0------------------------------
Then, in a 7ChineseBros kind of way, hit the D string in a steadyrhythym and add the G-string notes appropriately (listen to the disk):E----------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G-14-14-14-12-11-11-11-12-12-12-11-9-9-9-11-11-11-9-7-7-7-H-9-h-7-4-7-7D--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-0-0-0--0--0--0-0-0-0-0---------0-0-0A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------Go through this twice, then back to the chords, and then the chorusagain. All the verses have this structure until the last one.
In the last verse, after the chords, it goes like:E----------------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------------G-14-14-14-12-11-11-11-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-14-14-14-12-11-11-11----D--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0----A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
GOOD ADVICES The basic chords for this song are E, D and A, although not the normal open E, D and A. There's also an Em and some picking as well. Here are the chords as I hear them, but due to the numerous guitar tracks on the studio version, your guess is as good as mine:
E D A Em D-lickE-0------0-----0----0-----2-----0--------------------------------------B-0------0-----0----0-----3-3-----3---3--------------------------------G-9------7-----6----0-----2---2-----2----------------------------------D-9------7-----7----2-----0--------------------------------------------A-7------5-----0----2--------------------------------------------------E-0------X-----X----0--------------------------------------------------
The song fades in on the E chord and the verses go: E When you greet a stranger, | Verse II: D | When you greet a stranger, Look at his shoes. | Look at her hands, A E | Keep your money in your hands, Keep your money in your shoes, | Put your travel behind. D-lick | Put your trouble behind. |
CHORUS: Who are you going toE-0-0---0--------0-0--------------0---------0-------5-----5------------B-0---0-0--------0---0--------------5---------5-------5-----5---5------G-2-----2-slide>-4-----4-slide>-6-----6-h-7-----6-6-----6-----6--------D-2-----2-slide>-4--------------------------------7-----7-----7--------A-0-----0--------0-----------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
call for?E---0-----0----------0-----0------- Chords:B-----0-----0---0------0-----0---0- E A EG---------------------------------- What do you have to say?D-7-----7-----7----7-----7-----7---A-0-----0-----0----0-----0-----0---E----------------------------------
Keep you hat on your headE-0-0---0--------0-0--------------0---------0-------5-----5------------B-0---0-0--------0---0--------------5---------5-------5-----5---5------G-2-----2-slide>-4-----4-slide>-6-----6-h-7-----6-6-----6-----6--------D-2-----2-slide>-4--------------------------------7-----7-----7--------A-0-----0--------0-----------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
E Home is a long way awayE---0-----0----------0-----0---------0-----0---------------------------B-----0-----0---0------0-----0---0-----0-----0-------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------------------D-7-----7-----7----7-----7-----7---7-----7-----------------------------A-0-----0-----0----0-----0-----0---0-----0-----------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
Verse III: | Verse IV: At the end of the day, | When you greet a stranger, I'll forget your name. | Look at his shoes. I'd like it here if I couldn't | Keep your memories in your shoes, Even see you from a long way away. | Put your travel behind. CHORUS (as above): Break: Em At the end of the day, When there are no friends. Verse V: (wierd but it works) Verse VI: And there are no lovers. | Familiar face, a boring place, Who are you going to call for? | I'll forget your name. What do you have to change. | I'd like it here if I couldn't (Mike Mills in the background) | Even see you from a long way away. CHORUS (as above) END WENDELL GEE C Dm That's when Wendell Gee takes a tug G G7 Em G Upon the string that held the line of trees C Dm Behind the house he lived in G G7 He was reared to give respect Em G F But somewhere down the line he chose C Em F To whistle as the wind blows F C G C Whistle as the wind blows through the leaves {same as before} He had a dream one night That the tree had lost its middle So he built a trunk of chicken wire To try to hold it up but the wire the wire turned to lizard skin And when he climbed it sagged F C Em F There wasn't even time to say F C G F Goodbye to Wendell Gee C Em F So whistle as the wind blows C G C (second time through, play F) Whistle as the wind blows through the leaves C Em F If the wind were colors C G F And if the air could speak C Em F Then whistle as the wind blows C G C Whistle as the wind blows 
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