Rem - Summer Turns To High tab

Song: Summer Turns To High
Album: Reveal

C Gm F Am Bb Am G
C Gm F Am Bb Am E

Bm E Bm E

First Chorus:
C C/B Am G

Chorus after the first one:
C C/B Am
C C/B Am
C C/B Am

during the chorus, the lead guitar plays this while the bass does thechords: C C/B Am GE----0----0-----0----0----------------------|B--1----0------------------5--\3--\1--0-----|G------------2-----2---------------------0--|D-------------------------------------------|A-(3)--(2)--(0)-----------------------------|E---------------------(3)-------------------|
Gm: 355333 Bb: x13331 C/B:x20010 questions? comments? david wagner
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