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                         "When I Want To Know"
                            (Barry Tashian)


	C   Ab    [3X; band enters 2nd time]
	/ / / /

Verse 1:

	 C              Ab
	When I want to know
	C              Ab
	If you love me so
	 C               Bm  Bbm  Am  G
	When I feel that I'm not sure
	   F              Dm
	I look into your eyes
	   Bb                 Dm
	Because they tell no lies
	And this is what they say
	 C                  Dm       Ab  G
	You're in love with me   oh, oh, oh

Verse 2:

	When I want some kissin'
	You know that I've been missin'
	And I want them right away
	I look into your eyes
	Because they tell no lies
	And then you realize
	      C             Dm  G  C  Dm  C
	That I'm a-kissin' you


	 Gm     C         Dm     C
	When I need some lovin' baby
	 Gm     C         Dm     C
	When I need some huggin' baby
	 Gm     C          Dm       C           Gm    C   Dm   C
	When I want you to make me feel I'm the one
	Gm          C     Gm/D              C
	All I gotta do is take one look at you

	1:      Ab                       G      [Eb D  (single notes)]
	   And baby, I know that you're true

	       Dm/A   G     C     Bb   C
	2: And yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah  [to coda]

Verse 3 (chords as per verse 2):

	This is what I do
	Whenever I am blue
	But I know you'll treat me right
	This I realize
	'Cause you keep me satisfied
	And then I understand
	That I'm a-kissin' you

[repeat chorus]

Coda (repeat to fade):

	                  F      Dm/A
	I'm in love with you, oh yeah
	                 Bb   C
	I'm in love with you

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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