Remy Shand - I Met Your Mercy tab

DM7               AM7
Do you love me or do you hate
      DM7                                AM7         DM7
it's only when you would look at me that way (out of mind) 
i've been hanging round here for much too long (here on my own) 
when i feel that tremble deep inside 
          AM7             E7
i know my troubles just begun 

A          Cm7
i met your mercy 
     D             Cm7
when you turned me on 
  D            E7              A
i try to think twice about the bad times
     D            E7              A              A7
oh i try to think twice about the bad times. 

empty handed was my middle name 
yet i feel a littl righteous just the same (i heard the news) 
who knew i'd be traded in for a better bunch (a better bunch) 
when you left me standin' with so much to lose 
oh baby, what's a man to do?
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