Ren – Damn Pretty Girl tab

Singer songwriter from Denmark

René Bech - Damn Pretty Girl 

Intro:C-G-F-G X2

Am          G           F    G       
Don't know how you make me feel
Am          G       F         G 
What I feel when you're all near
Am          G       F       G
Don't know why I trust in you
Am        G         F          G
Cause' nothing you say is ever true

C        G            F           G
I don't know when my life will turn
C           G      F           
But while I wait please stay away

     C     G     F
You damn pretty girl
You mess up my world
C          G       F        G               
With your diamond eyes and your charming smile
C     G           F
Each time you're around
G                       C
I stumble down to the ground
          G            F 
And lying there I can find
    G          C
My heart all blind


Verse 2:
Don't know why I ask for more
Cause' everytime you close that door
I feel the ground underneath my feet
Come apart I fall into the deep


Verse 3:
I should have learned by now
That if you want you can change your stars
My mind is set for a brand new day
So I decided that come what may

Chorus (arpeggio/accapella)
Chorus (choir with backing vocals)
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