Renaissance – Tyrant-tula tab

Renaissance - Tyrant-Tula 

Verse 1:
Dm    C          Bb         Dm              
It is nothing to live as we do

C      Bb     Dm
Day to day we roam

C          Bb    Dm  C   Bb  Dm
Hearts without a home of our own

         C       Bb         Dm
Dust and passion lay in our throats

           C    Bb        Dm
Revenge in each word that spoke

           C             Bb          Dm    C  Bb  Dm  C  Bb  Dm  C  Bb
Children's eyes fill our minds as we smoke

Am            F                   Bb              C
But somewhere out in the desert a figure moves at speed

Am         F                    Bb                C     Bb   C   Bb
And in his heart he carries the message that they need

Dm       Bb
We move against the tyrant

Dm                  Bb
Words fall from his lips

Gm         Eb                 G      Eb
The fire inside their eyes is lit

Dm          Bb
At daybreak freedom calls

Dm           Bb
We answer as one

Gm          Eb              G         Eb      G    Eb  G  Eb
From hiding in the hills we enter the burning sun

Verse 2:
Danger fills the air and the dawn
Holds a sweet but stale perfume
Women know that soon they may lose
What good are men that love but are slaves
In a country they once called their own?
As they kissed goodbye they have flown

To be there out in the desert as horses move at speed
And in each heart is carried the message that they need

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