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	Title: It is not because you are
	Author: RENAUD

	D#+ = xx5443

	C                     Am
	When I have rencontred you,
	         F             G
	you was a jeune fille au pair,
	      C                Am
	and I put a spell on you,
	        F              G
	and you roule a pelle to me,

	Together we go partout,
	on my mob it was super,
	it was friday on my mind,
	it was a story d'amou-our.
the Refrain:
	C                  Am
	It is not because you are,
		F              G
	I love you because i do
	          C                Am
	c'est pas parc'que you are me,
	         F	D#+
	qu'I am you, qu'I am you

(fin of the refrain.)
	You was really beautiful
	in the middle of the foule
	Don't let me misunderstood
	Don't let me sinon i boude

	My loving, my marshmallow,
	you are belle and i are beau
	you give me all what you have
	i said thank you, you are bien brave

(the Refrain)

	I wanted marry with you
	and make love very beaucoup
	to have a max of children
	just like Stone and Charden

	But one day that must arrive
	together we disputed
	For a stupid story of fric
	we decide to divorced

(this is the musical bridge)

(the refrain)

	You chialed comme une madeleine
	not me, I have my digniti
	you tell me: you are sale mec!
	i tell you: poil to the bec!

	That's comme ga that you thank me
	to have learning you English?
	Eh! that's not you qui m'a appris,
	my grand-father was rosbeef.

(the refrain and c'est la fin)

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