Rend Collective Experiment – You Bled chords ver. 2

I've found this song works better for congregational singing in C. A powerful song that 
returns us to the simple yet vitally important truth that Jesus loves us!

(Verse 1)
Amin FYou bled Your heart out
C G AminNow I feel love beat in my chest
F CHow wonderful
(Verse 2)
Amin FYou gave Your beauty
C G AminIn exchange for my ugliness
F CHow wonderful
(Pre-Chorus 1)
Dmin F CYou left Your perfection
Dmin F G C-GAnd embraced our rejection, oh
Amin FHow marvellous, how boundless
C GIs Your love, is Your love
Amin FHow wonderful, sacrificial
C GIs Your love for me
(Verse 3)
Amin FYou put on our chains
C G AminSent us out through the open door
F CHow wonderful
(Verse 4)
Amin FYou took our sadness
C G AminCrowned us with joy and real peace
F CHow wonderful
(Pre-Chorus 2)
Dmin F CYou left Your perfection
Dmin F G C-GAnd fought for our redemption, oh
(Chorus) (Bridge)
F CYes, Jesus loves me
Dmin GYes, Jesus loves me, how wonderful
F CYes, Jesus loves me
Dmin GThis is love, You gave Yourself
Rend Collective Experiment Copyright© 2009 Thankyou Music
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