Rend Collective Experiment – Christ Has Set Me Free tab

Christ Has Set Me Free
Rend Collective Experiment

Tabbed by: Dan Posthuma

Tuning: Db A D F# B E  (Trust me on this)

CAPO 1st fret (So it’s D Bb Eb G C F)

I’m not going to go into all the detail since that could get really long and confusing.
I’ll just give you the basics.  I figured out the song in standard tuning with no capo
and it’s in F major but some of the finger-picking was awkward so I reworked the tuning 
and used a capo and found this to be much easier.

The intro chord is simply an F with a hammer-on/pull-off on the G string.
The next chord is basically the same – an F but with a D for the bass note.

Picking pattern: FF |-----------------------------------|C |-----------------------------------|G |-0h2-----2------2p0-----0----------|Eb|-------2---2----------2---2--------|Bb|-2---2-------2------2-------2------|D |-----------------------------------|
F/DF |-----------------------------------|C |-----------------------------------|G |-0h2-----2------2p0-----0----------|Eb|-------2---2----------2---2--------|Bb|-----------------------------------|D |-0---0-------0-------0------0------|
Intro/Verse: F Csus4 F/D Csus4/D Dm Bb5F |------------------------------------------|C |--------------------------2---------------|G |---2---0-----2----0-------2----3-2-0------|Eb|---2---2-----2----2-------2----2-----2----|Bb|---2---2-----2----2-------4----0----------|D |---x---x-----0----0-------x----x----------|
Chorus: F Dm C F Gm Csus4 CF |------------------------------------------------|C |-------2---0------------------------------------|G |---2---2---0---2----3---0------0----------------|Eb|---2--(2)-(1)--2----4---2------1----------------| 2x then back to introBb|---2---4---2---2----4---2------2----------------|D |---x---x---x---x----x---x------x----------------|
VERSE 1: F You open horizons in my life F/D Of limitless Dm Bb And cloudless hope F You defy the gravity in me F/D And give wings to Dm Bb My flightlessness CHORUS: F Dm C F Christ has set me free Gm From negativity Csus4 C From impossibility F Dm C F Christ has set me free Gm All hope has been released Csus4 C O Christ has set me free VERSE 2: You have taught my future how to shine All the colours of Eternity You've given my soul the space to breathe And discover what It is to simply be
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