Rend Collective Experiment – Build Your Kingdom Here chords ver. 3

D ACome set Your rule and reign
D AIn our hearts again
D AIncrease in us we pray
EUnveil why we're made
D ACome set our hearts ablaze with hope
D ALike wildfire in our very souls
D F#m EHoly Spirit come invade us now
D A EWe are Your Church
D A EWe need Your power
AIn us
D AWe seek Your kingdom first
D AWe hunger and we thirst
D ARefuse to waste our lives
EFor You're our joy and prize
D ATo see the captive hearts released
D AThe hurt, the sick, the poor at peace
D F#m EWe lay down our lives for heaven's cause
D A EWe are Your church
D A EWe pray revive
AThis earth
E F#mBuild Your kingdom here
DLet the darkness fear
E F#mShow Your mighty hand
D EHeal our streets and land
A A E F#mSet Your church on fire
DWin this nation back
E F#mChange the atmosphere
D EBuild Your kingdom here
AWe pray
D AUnleash Your kingdoms power
D AReaching the near and far
D ANo force of hell can stop
EYour beauty changing hearts
D AYou made us for much more than this
D AAwake the kingdom seed in us
D F#mFill us with the strength and love
Eof Christ
D A EWe are Your church
D A EWe are the hope
AOn earth
Chorus x2
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