Renee Renee - Paper Dolls chords

Renee Renee
Paper Dolls feat. Mark Hoppus
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm - 355333
Am - x02210
Dm - xx0231
Bb - x13331
F -  133211

Intro: Gm-Am-Dm-- x2
Dm--C-Dm- x4

Verse 1:
DmMillions of people
Am Dmlooking for love
Dmis it a secret from
Am Dmheaven above?
Dmwilling and waiting
Am Dmwishing for more
Dmwill somebody save me
Am Dmand unlock my heart?
Interlude: Dm-C-Dm- x2 Verse 2:
DmSeasons are changing
Am Dmthe passage of time
Dmliving in sequence
Am Dmdon't step out of line
Dmcan anyone see this
Am Dmis everyone blind?
Dmand walk through the darkness
Am Dmjust follow the light
DmI see what I say I
say what I see
Amdoes everything seems
Dmso different to me
DmI saw what i said I
said what I saw
Amcoming in different
Dmjust running it hot
Dm C Read the writing
Bbon the wall
Dmprecious paper doll
F Bbthe pages fall apart
Dm C I just can't shake
Bbit from my head
Dmand all the things you said
F Bbthey only break my heart
Post Chorus: Dm--F-C-Dm-Dm--F-C-- Verse 3:
Dm FStep out of your comfort
C Dmand into your fears
Dm FJumping through windows
Csucking up tears
Dm Freason with knowledge
C Dmchanging the gears
Dm Fremember be honest
C Dmforget all those years
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus twice) Bridge:
Dm C Bb remember that first kiss
Dm Cwhen time was lost and
Bblove was missed
Dm C Bb Dm recall my fingertips caress
C Bbyour neck and lick your lips
(Repeat Chorus twice)
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