Renee Sandstrom - Here I Am chords

Lyrics to Here I Am :
CThey tell you a good girl is quiet
GThat you should never ask why
Am GCause it only makes it harder to fit in
CYou should be happy, excited
GEven if you're just invited
Am FCause the winners need someone to clap for them
FIt's so hard just waiting
AmIn a line that never moves
FIt's time you started making
FYour own rules
CYou gotta scream until there's nothing left
GWith your last breath
AmSo here I am
FHere I am
FMake em listen
CCause there is no way you'll be ignored
GNot anymore
AmSo here I am
FHere I am
FHere I am
AmThe world better make some room
FYea move over, over
AmCause your coming through
GCause your coming through
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