Rent - Your Eyes tab

Artist: Rent  
Song: Your Eyes
From the musical/film RENT

Tuning: Standard

Intro F/A G/B F/A Asus2e|----1-----1-------|---3-----3-------|---1-----1-------|-0--|B|------1-----1---1-|-----3-----3---3-|-----1-----1---1-|-0--|G|--------2-----2---|-------0-----0---|-------2-----2---|-2--|D|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-2--|A|--0---------------|-2---------------|-0---------------|-0--|E|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|----|
F/A Your Eyes G/B C As We Said Our Goodbyes C/B Am Can't Get Them Out Of My Mind G Em G And I Find I Can't Hide (From) F/A Your Eyes G/B C The Ones That Took Me By Surprise C/B Am The Night You Came Into My Life G Where There's Moonlight C I See Your Eyes Bbsus4 How'd I Let You Slip Away Csus4 When I'm Longing So To Hold You Bbsus4 Now I'd Die For One More Day Am Fmaj7 'Cause There's Something I Should G Em7 Have Told You Am Fmaj7 Yes There's Something I Should Have G Told You F/A When I Looked Into Your Eyes G/B C Why Does Distance Make Us Wise? C/B Am You Were The Song All Along G Bb And Before The Song Dies I Should Tell You I Should Tell You I Have Always Loved You You Can See It In My Eyes Solo Tabbed by Simon
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