Rentals - Mrs Young tab

Mrs Young
Written by Matt Sharp
Performed by Matt Sharp and Rivers Cuomo

The chord structure is identical to "Please Let That Be You" by the Rentals, it is just
whole-step lower.  During the verse Rivers starts playing the chords in arpeggios and a
higher on the neck. After the A chord just slide up to E and F#m to get the tone Rivers 
 There's also a few octave fills

A  E  F#m  D

Into the chorus the progression goes
A  E  F#m  A  B

D        E           A
  Please let that be you
  Knocking on my door so loud just like you do
G  	     D	      E
  Bringing a message or two
	D          E               A
  Jamie you are my fave and I love you

Here are the little fills at the chorus D E Ae-5-------7-------9-------|B-7-------7-------10------|G-7-------9-------9-------|D-------------------------|A-------------------------|E-------------------------|
G D Ee-7-------5-------9-------|B-8-------7-------10------|G-7-------7-------9-------|D-------------------------|A-------------------------|E-------------------------|
Verse Fill
Each chord is played twice.e-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-18--16--14--13--11-9--------|D-x---x---x---x---x--x--------|A-16--14--12--11--9--7--------|E-----------------------------|
whole step w/ vibratoe------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|G-14p13----------13-14-13h14p13----16b-----------|D-------16-14-16----------------16---------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
Bridge - Same as verse You are my fave x4 Chorus - End on A
Here are the chords used in this song A E F#m D G Be--0--0--2----5--3------------|B--2--0--2----5--3--4---------|G--2--1--2----7--0--4---------|D--2--2--4----7--0--4---------|A--2--2--4----5--2--2---------|E-----0--2-------2------------|
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