Reo Speedwagon – Blazin Your Own Trail Again chords

Blazin' Your Own Trail Again


G      D    A    G    A

Verse 1
D A G D A D Sooner or later you will find a way
D A G A DTo feel like sunshine even on a cloudy day
D A G D A DTo feel like morning in the dead of the night
D A GSooner or later it's gonna be alright
Em GNow don't be thinking your life's a mess
Em G A Rather start thinking in terms of happiness
A G D A GAnd it's gonna hap---pen
G A G D A GJust decide where your go----- in
G A G D AGet out in the op-----en
A Em G A D And start blazin' your own trail again
A G A Verse 2
D A G D A DIts takes time some times to figure out
D A G D A DThat there's nothin' to worry about
D A G D A DAnd that there's plenty to be thankful for
D A G It takes time some times to know the score
Em GSee, everybody's got a smile inside
Em G ASo out it upon your face and wear it with pride
Chorus Outro G D A G A D
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