Replacements – Waiting For Somebody tab

Ok this is the way I play it but I play by ear nothing more! Also I don't know 
the names to the chords so I'm going to call them something stupid and just make 
a chart on how to play them ok!

BEFORE PLAYING THE Am MUTE THE GUITAR, THEN WHILE PLAYING THE Am HAMMER OFF THEN BACK ON THE SECOND STRING, THEN MUTE ONE MORE TIME THEN GO BACK TO THE FIRST NOTE!!! G1 G2 Am Dm --3---- --3---- --0---- --3---- --1---- --1---- --1---- --1---- --0---- --0---- --2---- --0------3---- --0---- --2---- --2------3---- --3---- --0---- --0------0---- --3---- --0---- --0---- G1 G2 Am G2 G1 G2 Am G2Verse-All my life, waiting for somebody Ah ha ha, whoa,yeah
G1 G2 Dm G1 G2 Chorise-I'm waiting for the day waiting for the day that you come my way If you have any questions email me at
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