Rev Gary Davis - Oh Glory How Happy I Am tab version 1

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Tabbed 10/11/08 By J.M. (Dadfad at GTU)
For re-copying: Originally tabbed using 
Microsoft Notepad using Courier New 10-Font.

Rev. Gary Davis
(Selected Verses Arrangement)
Oh, when I was out in the world of sin
I had no one to call my friend
Jesus came and he took me in
Glory, hallelu
And he took my feet out of the miry clay
He placed them up on the rock to stay
Now I thank Jesus that I can say
Glory, hallelu
O, Glory how happy I am
O, Glory how happy I am
My soul is washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Glory, hallelu

Well one day Jesus was passing by
He set my sinful soul on fire
He made me laugh and he made me cry
Glory, hallelu
And when I could not understand
Jesus gave me a helping hand
And showed me the way to the Promised Land
Glory, hallelu
O, Glory how happy I am
O, Glory how happy I am
My soul is washed in the blood of the Lamb
Glory, hallelu


Now I know something that's mighty swell
A sweet little story I love to tell
How Jesus saved my soul from Hell
Glory, hallelu
Oh, stand back Satan, get out of my way
I don't want to hear a word you say
I'm on my path down the King's highway
Glory, hallelu
O, Glory how happy I am
O, Glory how happy I am
My soul is washed in the blood of the Lamb
Glory, hallelu
Once I had no home to claim
I began to call on Jesus' name
He saved me from old Satan's chains
Glory, hallelu
Now I'm fire-baptized and holy ghost-filled
I'm out here to do my Master's will
I must keep going and go I will
Glory, hallelu
Well, glory... (how happy I am)...
Ohhh, glory how happy I am
My soul is washed in the blood of the lamb
Glory, hallelu

(These lyrics have been re-arranged with slight wording and
order changes for timing considerations when I play this tune.
For exact words and order used by Reverend Davis, refer to one
of his several recordings or films of him doing this tune.)
This tab is a basic structure for playing the tune. Rev. Davis
recorded the tune several times and each time it was different, 
not only from one recording to the next, but also within the 
same recording he might approach the verses, bridges or 
refrains in different ways each time, jumping to different 
voicings and inversions of the G and C chords at will. The tab 
below contains many of the voicings and structures as I learned 
them from several people who studied with Rev. Davis in person. 
It isn't meant to be an exact note-for-note transcription from 
any one particular recording of the tune, but just an example 
of many of the things he frequently used when he played the 
tune. Keep in mind Davis was a street musician and street 
preacher and, like many other old-time street-musicians, his 
playing style reflected that. He used a powerful "chunky" style
with the intricacy of his notes secondary to the power and 
rhythmic qualities he wanted to project. He went for a 
"big-sound" in order to compete with the typical street noise 
of traffic and crowds you might typically hear in New York City 
where he played in the latter part of his life. Also, he used a 
12-string which was generally tuned down a half (or whole) step 
from the normal standard tuning of a 6-string guitar (which I 
used for this tab) so my tab is "as if" played in the key of G 
while his actual recordings would be in the true-key of Gb. I 
play the tune myself with a little more "noteyness" than Rev. 
Davis, and a bit more of a "roll" than his "chunky" style. But 
the structure and figures are the same. Use this tab as just a 
framework for putting the tune together, and then play it in 
your own style and in your own way. I recorded two short 
sound-tracks to go with this tab to make it a little easier to
work with. I've downloaded them to Sound-Click. Their a
ddresses are...

Part One:

Part Two:

Everything below is done using only the thumb and index finger 
(Reverend Davis never used any other fingers) as pinches or 
alternating single-string picks. Notes I show in parentheses 
(-) are more lightly added into the pinch or strum and not 
exactly the "targetted" notes. Or they may be added or omitted 
as you prefer, so experiment a little with the tone of them a
nd use what sounds best to you. I'll tab a typical verse, then 
the bridge, then the refrain.
So here it is taken one line at a time starting with....

FIRST VERSE ("When I was out in the world of sin..." etc)

Start off by holding this position G-chord 3x5433 using these fingers...

Using the thumb on the 6-string instead of holding the more conventional barred G-chord makes this line a whole lot easier. You get the notes simply by holding and releasing and re-holding the position, which is much more difficult using a regular barre-chord. (The 5-string note could also be held, but isn't needed.)
For the last chord xx0535 add your pinkie down onto the 1-string (xxxxx5) and moving your ring over to the 3-string (xxx5xx) now leaves you holding xx0535. This is a D7. (An optional note may be added to the 4-string/4-fret (xx4535) by moving the middle finger over, giving a D7 with a double-7th, if or when you might want to vary the tone of the chord a bit.) ============================================================================ Now slide your pinkie and ring up to the 7th-fret (xxx7x7) and lifting your index up and putting it on the 4-string (xx5xxx) now gives you xx5707. Slide the pinkie and ring back down to xxx5x5. Use your index for making xxx0x3, and as you pinch the x0xxx0 it gives to time to hold the C-chord x32013 (xRMOIP), then up two frets for x54x35. As you slide up two more frets re-position your ring and index to hold xx5707 again. That last "leading" open xxxxx0 note will give you time to move into the next line.
============================================================================ This near-the-nut sequence of chords is a little complex, but they actually sort of flow from one to the next and so isn't as difficult as it might at first seem to be. Start by holding C-chord x32013 again. (If possible, hold 332013 using the ring finger-tip to hold both 33xxxx. It takes a little bit of practice if you aren't used to it).
You move through that C-chord, into partial Em7 and Em, on into a Cadd9, then A7, the A. First hold the C (3)32013 for two pinches. The open 1-string note gives you time to hold the partial Em7 xx0x3x (use your ring), then add the 5 and 6 strings 2nd-fret Em notes (if you're able, try to hold them both with just the index finger-tip). Then put your middle finger on x3xxxx for that Cadd9. From that position it's easy to just sort of "roll" your index finger over barring the xx2222 and the ring to xxxxx3, now giving you the A7 xx2223. And, by extending the pinkie onto the xxxxx5, you now have that last A chord xxx225. (So all those changes do sort of sequence into each other nicely making that change through six different chord-fragments not too tough with a little practice. Slowly at first, and then moving up to speed.) ======================================================================= From there to an Aadd9. Use the partial shape of a barred 5th-fret A chord xx7655 and add the pinkie above it (xxxxx7) for the x07657. Holding it that way makes it easier to move back down the neck through the D7 again and to the G.
Ending in a quick-change G-C-G. (Holding the G 320003 RM000P makes quick change to C-frag xx2x1x (using xxMxIx) easier.) ================================================================= -BRIDGE ("And he took my feet out of the miry clay..." etc) ================================================================= Begin by holding this G-chord x x 0 7 8 10 using this fingering. (Sort of a D-shaped chord with the pinkie added above.)
E|--10----10---------------7-------7---10---7---10----|B|---------8-------------------10-----------8---------|G|---------7-(^strum-------7-------7-------------7----|D|-----0------ with --------------------0-------------|A|------------ thumb)---------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
...Now slide that D-shape up five frets, holding x x x 12 13 12 like this...
12th v--|---|-I-|---|---|---|---|--|---|-I-|-M-|---|---|---|--|---|-I-|---|---|---|---|--|---|---|---|---|---|---|--|---|---|---|---|---|---|--|---|---|---|---|---|---|
...and down-strunm it with your thumb...
...and move back up the neck five frets to the beginning position again and play...
...and that last open note gives you a chance to move down the neck into that C-chord x32013 (or 332013) position again to like what was played at the end of the first verse...
=================================================================== -REFRAIN ("O Glory, how happy I am..." etc) =================================================================== For the refrain using mostly "near the nut" open-chords for their strength, with a few simple fingering changes/additions to follow the melody-line a bit more closely. Using more of an alternating-thumb style than the mostly pinches used above. From G 320033...
E|--3----------0----------------0-------3-----------------|B|-----3---3-------3----0---3------3----3----(3)----------|G|---------0------------0---------(0)---------0-----------|D|---------0-----------(0)---------0----------0-----------|A|-------------------------------------(2)----------------|E|--3-----------3-----------3-----------3-----------------| C x32010.....(Cadd9)..........into G.....E|--0-----------3-----------0-----------------------------|B|-----1---1--------1---1-------3---3---0-----------------|G|---------0------------0-----------0------0--------------|D|---------2------------2------------------0--------------|A|--3------------3----------3-----------------------------|E|--------------------------------------3-----------------|
....(still in G)..................into A7 and A...E|--3-----------0--------------0-------3----5-------------|B|------0----------3---0----3----------2---(2)------------|G|----------0----------0-------------------(2)----(2)-----|D|----------0----------0---------(0)--------2-----(2)-----|A|---------------------2----------------0-----------------|E|--3------------3----------3-----------------------------|
.......Aadd9....D7.....D7+7...G....(allude C)...GE|---7-------7---5-------5----3--------------------------|B|---5--(5)--5---3--(3)--3--------0----1-------0---------|G|--(6)------6---5-------5-------------0-------0---------|D|---7-----------0-------4-------------0-----------------|A|--(0)-----------------------2----------------2---------|E|----------------------------3----------------3---------|
END OF TAB AND TIPS, ETC +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oh, when I was out in the world of sin I had no one to call my friend Jesus came and he took me in Glory, hallelu And he took my feet out of the miry clay He placed them up on the rock to stay Now I thank Jesus that I can say Glory, hallelu O, Glory how happy I am O, Glory how happy I am My soul is washed in the Blood of the Lamb Glory, hallelu BELOW IS THE IDENTICAL TAB AS ABOVE BUT WITH TIPS REMOVED FOR GOING THROUGH IT AT A FASTER PACE. SOME LYRICS HAVE BEEN ADDED BELOW EACH LINE TO HELP WIH TIMING
A VERSEE)--3-------3----0-----------------0----3------5----------|B}----------4---(0)--3---0---3-----0----3------3----------|G)----------5---(0)-----(0)--4---------(4)-----5----------|D)---------------------------------0-----------0----------|A)--------------------------------------------------------|E)------3--------0---3---0---3----------3-----------------|Oh, when I the world of...sin
E|--3---|-(Chord-on--|---3-----3---0--------------0----3---5--------|B|--1---|---right----|---1-----1------3---0---3--(3)---2--(2)-------|G|--0---|-Preferred)-|---0----(0)--------(0)-----------2---2--------|D|------|------------|---------2------0---2---2--------2------------|A|--3---|-(Either----|---3----------------2---3---------------------|E|--3---|-will-work)-|--------------------0-------------------------|.....................Je---sus came and he took (Oh...)
E)---7----7---5---5--3-----------3----------------|B}---5---(5)--3---3------0---1-------0------------|G)--(6)---6---5---5-------------------------------|D)---7--------0---4------0---2--------------------|A)--(0)--------------2---------------2------------|E)-------------------3---------------3------------|...Glo---ry, hal-le-lu......
-BRIDGEE)--10----10---------------7-------7---10---7---10---- -12-|B}---------8-------------------10-----------8--------- -13-|G)---------7-(^strum-------7-------7-------------7---- -12-|D)-----0------ with --------------------0------------- --0-|A)------------ thumb)--------------------------------- ----|E)---------------------------------------------------- ----|And he took my..........feet out of the mi----ry.......clay
E)--10-----10---------------7-------------3--5---7----0-|B}----------8-------------------10---8------------------|G)----------7-(^strum)------7--------7----4--5---7------|D)-----0----------------------------(0)-----------------|A)------------------------------------------------------|E)------------------------------------------------------|He placed them.............up...on..the rock to stay
E)--3----------3-----3---0--------------0----3---5--------|B}--1--<-or->--1-----1------3---0---3--(3)---2--(2)-------|G)--0----------0----(0)--------(0)-----------2---2--------|D)-------------------2------0---2---2--------2------------|A)--3----------3----------------2---3---------------------|E)--3---------------------------0-------------------------|...Now.......I thank....Je-sus that I can....say (Oh..)
E)---7----7---5---5--3--------3----------------|B}---5---(5)--3---3------0--------0------------|G)--(6)---6---5---5----------------------------|D)---7--------0---4----------------------------|A)--(0)--------------2------------2------------|E)-------------------3------------3------------|...Glo---ry, hal-le-lu
-REFRAINE)--3----------0----------------0-------3------------------|B}-----3---3-------3----0---3------3----3----(3)-----------|G)---------0------------0---------(0)---------0------------|D)---------0-----------(0)---------0----------0------------|A)-------------------------------------(2)-----------------|E)--3-----------3-----------3-----------3------------------|....O, hap-py
E)--3-----------0--------------0----------3------5---------|B}------0-----------3--0----3-------------2-----(2)--------|G)----------0----------0------------------------(2)--------|D)----------0----------0---------(0)-------------2---------|A)---------------------2-------------------0---------------|E)--3------------3----------3------------------------------|..My soul is washed in the Blood of the Lamb...(Oh..)
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