Reverend And The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World tab

Tabed by D Blann in swansea

iv tabed this coz there is only a bass tab here at ultimate guitar and
my band wants to play it! Iv got a week to put it togeather
but here is what i got so far also trying to compansaite
for havin no keyboards.

use fx if you can.


e:------------------------|B:------------------------|G:------------------------| this is instead of keyboardsD:----9/21 hold ----------|A:------------------------|E:------------------------|
verse at 25se:--------------------------|B:--------------------------|G:--------------------------|D:-21-trill-----------------|A:--------------------------|E:--------------------------|
chorus: trill the chordse:----------------|B:----------------|
BRIDGE: eather play with minor bar chords or the way i tabed it here.
e:-------------------------------|B:-------------------------------|G:-------------------------------|D:9~----7~----2~---4-4--7-4-7-9--| hold the noteA:-------------------------------|E:7~----5~----0~---2-2--5-2-5-7~-|
youll have to listen to the song to get the order but its prity strait forward. blann
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