Reverend Horton Heat - Someone In Heaven tab

\"Someone In Heaven\"
by: primusfan 

This is a great song for the Rev\'s mother. Good for when you wanna tug at people\'s
heart strings. Tabbed by the ear-izzay so excuse mistakes.:p

* = Harmonic
s = slide
b = bend
r = release

[INTRO]E--------------0--3-----| [x2]B--------------1--3-----|G--------------0--0-----|D---------0----2--0-----|A-0-0h1h2------3--2-----|E-----------3-----3-----|
[VERSE/CHORUS] G C Am theres someone in heaven to talk with today D G D someone that knows just the right thing to say G C Am you lived a full life, you fought the good fight D G D theres someone in heaven to talk with tonight
[BRIDGE] C (G) G you used to hold hands and ride round the park C (C#) G stop by the school yard where maybe you\'d spark G C Am so take up the lyre and sing us a song D G D we\'ll be there someday and we\'ll sing along --- Notes in parentheses are some alternating bass notes ---
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