Reverend Horton Heat - Baby Im Drunk tab

Reverend Horton Heat – Baby I’m Drunk
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4/4 - A Major

Intro & Outroe|-------------------|-----------------|----------------|----------|B|-------------------|-----------------|----------------|----------|G|-------------------|-----------------|----------------|----------|D|----------------9--|--------------7--|----------------|----------|A|-7-7-7-11-11-11----|-5-5-5-9-9-9-----|-------------7--|----------|E|-------------------|-----------------|-5-5-5-9-9-9----|-5--------|
(intro) [Verse 1] A5 Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby, Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby, D5 A5 Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby, Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby. E5 D5 You know never mind me, I smell like a skunk, A5 (single hit then N.C.) Excuse me baby but, (hic) I'm drunk. [Verse 2] A5 Honey Honey Honey Honey Honey, Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' Darlin', D5 A5 Child Child Child Child Child, Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby. E5 D5 I'll explain in the morning, Baby that's no lie, A5 (single hit then N.C.) | A5 B5 C5 C#5 | But tonight little honey, I'm also high [CHORUS] D5 (single hit then N.C.) I'm just happy to he bere, A5 home for the nest of the right... I'll explain in the morning, E5 | E5E5 D5D5 C#5C#5 B5B5 | because the kitchen bright's too light. (verse 1) (solo over 2 verses) (verse 2) (chorus) (verse 1) (solo over 2 verses) (verse 1) | (outro) A A A |
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