Rezurex - Dia De Los Muertos tab
Cool band, Cool song, Cool Tabber.

ThenE[--------|(part2)A[--1---2-|D[--3---4-|G[--3---4-|B[--------|E[--------|(Repeat this 4 times. Then it goes into....)
(Repeat 3 times. Play the chord, but pick through the first 4 notes.)(After the thrid time throught the progression play..)E[---555555---888888---77---------77-|A[---777777---101010---99---------99-|D[---777777---101010---99--(pause)99-|G[---666666---999999---88---------88-|B[-----------------------------------|E[-----------------------------------|(part 4)
(The basically repeat part 1 & 2 with trem picking, but put this in between them)Low E[---000000-333333-5555 (part5)
(The Chorus is part 3 with trem picking.)(the the break in the middle is...)E[---3---8---7-|A[---5---10--9-|D[---5---10--7-|G[-------9---8-|B[-------------|E[-------------|(part6)(Repeat 3 times.)(Then back into parts 1, 5, 2)Then end on a C-shped chord, play it anywhere. Just pick through it and make a scary laugh. The end!)
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