Rhett And Link - Photoshop Your Memories chords

"Photoshop Your Memories"
Rhett and Link
Up to This Point (2010)

Standard Tuning

Chord Diagrams

  G-III     Bm        C-III     D-V       

e|--3-- e|--2-- e|--3-- e|--5-- B|--3-- B|--3-- B|--5-- B|--7-- G|--4-- G|--4-- G|--5-- G|--7-- D|--5-- D|--4-- D|--5-- D|--7-- A|--5-- A|--2-- A|--3-- A|--5-- E|--3-- E|----- E|----- E|-----
G Em Am D
e|--3-- e|--0-- e|--0-- e|--2--B|--3-- B|--0-- B|--1-- B|--3--G|--0-- G|--0-- G|--2-- G|--2--D|--0-- D|--2-- D|--2-- D|--0--A|--2-- A|--2-- A|--0-- A|-----E|--3-- E|--0-- E|----- E|-----
G-IIIYou pull out your photos of
BmYour wedding in the Spring
C-III And you're confronted by your double chin
D-VAnd your bald spot glistening
G-IIIYou could get a membership
BmAt the fitness hut down the road,
C-IIIOr you could pick your mouse up and slim yourself down
D-VAnd even give yourself a 'fro.
G-IIIYour high school reunion
BmIs coming next Friday
C-IIIAnd you know everyone will ask to see some
D-VPictures of the babies that you've made.
G-IIIBut the problem is your kid's head is big.
BmI mean, we're talking "Alien" size here.
C-IIIWell, just cut and paste a hat, or at least a doo rag
D-VAnd it won't seem so severe.
(D-V) G EmPhotoshop your memories.
AmA picture's worth a thousand words,
DSo a few white lies shouldn't hurt.
G-IIIYour birthday, this past Monday,
BmWas a fun day, except for one thing:
C-IIIYour mother-in-law, who makes your skin crawl,
D-VStuck her face in every frame.
G-IIIYou'd prefer to remember
BmThat day without her tattooed brows.
C-IIIThe simplest solution: decrease the resolution
D-VAnd crop that woman out.
(D-V) G EmPhotoshop your memories.
AmYour real life may be sub-par,
DBut you can be who you want people to think you are.
(D) G-IIIMake yourself thin.
BmGive yourself abs.
C-IIIRemove that mole.
D-VSay "No" to crack.
(D-V) G-IIISay you went to the Alps
BmIn a luxury car
C-IIIWith a Swedish Model.
D-VJust be who you want people to think you are.
(D-V) G EmPhotoshop your memories.
AmA picture's worth a thousand words
D GSo a few white lies shouldn't hurt.
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