Rhett And Link – My Favorite Pillow chords

Intro: F  Am  A#m  C

FDo... do you remember back
AmIn middle school
A#mWhen my trunks fell down
CAt the pool
FEveryone laughed
AmExcept for you
A#mYou just let me hold you
CIn my bedroom
FOur freshman year
AmWhen Julie McKnight
A#mDumped me because of
CMy overbite
FI cried all night
AmAll over you
A#mYou didn't seem to mind
CMy tears or my drool
F AmI could always hold you tight
A#m C[ My favorite pillow ]
F Am So soft so cool on your other side
A#m C[ My favorite pillow ]
F AmIn my eyes you've been nothing but classy
A#m CBut everybody's saying you're nasty
F AmFull of fungus it can't be true
A#m CLaden with bacteria, no, not you
FBut the thing that
AmDid it did me in
A#mI learned you're full of
CDust mite excrement
FAnd those dead skin cells
AmMay be mine
A#mBut knowing what's in you
CI can't sleep at night
F AmWe've been through both thick and thin
A#m C[ Because you are a pillow ]
F AmIt's hard to say this is the end
A#m C[ my favorite pillow ]
F AmIt's not me, it's definitely you
A#m C[ I'll get a new pillow ]
F AmYou are a body fluid sponge and we're through...
A#m C[ I'm getting a new you ]
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