Rhett And Link – High School Graduation Song chords

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A C#5 E5 D5e-------------|B-------------|G-4--6--------|D-5--6--9--7--|A-5--4--7--5--|E-3-----------|
______________ *INTRO*
A C#5You're sitting here; in your cap and gown
E5 D5all your loved ones are just so proud.
A C#5And we would love to inspire you
E5 D5but someone needs; to just give you the truth.
A C#5For the past 18 years; your life's been pretty smooth;
E5 A D5 (the rest is the same) Let's take a moment and reflect on; all you've had to do. You've rolled outta bed; and strolled to the living room and watched Cartoon Network while your mom made waffles for you. Your laundry; was magically cleaned. And your dad's back pocket was an ATM machine. Your life's biggest worry; was what to wear to the prom. And your only regret was that incident - with the stinkbomb. *PRE CHORUS*
E5But, do you hear that subtle sound?
D5 HOLDit's the sound of reality about to slap the taste out yo' mouth!
A(Now) You're on your own
D5Don't screw this up.
E5You're on your own.
AGood luck. (You're gonna need it.)
*VERSE* You're young and now you're free; the world is your oyster We have no clue what that means...but let us paint a picture of your future: You're gonna eat alotta Hot Pockets; and you're thinking "that sounds great!" well, get back to us in 6 months; when you're had 378. As soon as you move out; you know what you parents are gonna do? They're gonna turn your bedroom into an exercise room that they never use. *HOLD D5* And you won't use lockers in college. And this might be a total bummer- There are no yearbooks either; you actually have to say-"have a great summer." *PRE CHORUS* Do you hear that KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK? That's personal responsibility about to put you in a head lock *CHORUS* You're on your own You should be scared. But we can tell You don't care. Why don't you care? You should be frightened right now. *PRE CHORUS* Do you sense that gentle breeze? it's the category-5 hurricane of adulthood about to HIT YOU UP SIDE THE HEAD WITH A TREE. *CHORUS* You're on your own Don't screw this up. You're on your own. Good luck. (You're gonna need it.) TAB BY DRJOOJI
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