Rhett And Link – My Favorite Pillow chords ver. 2

Left handed
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F FDo, do you remember back in middle school
AmWhen my trunks fell down
Bb CAt the pool
FEveryone laughed
FExcept for you
AmYou just let me hold you
Bb CIn my bedroom
FOur freshman year when
FJulie McNight
AmDumped me because of my overbite
FI cried all night
FAll over you
AmYou didn't seem to mind
Bb CMy tears or my drool
F Bb FI could always hold you tight
F(My favorite pillow)
F Bb FSo soft, so cool on your other side
F(My favorite pillow)
FIn my eyes
FYou've been nothing but classy
AmBut everybody's saying
AmYou're nasty
FFull of fungus,
FIt can't be true
AmLaden with bacteria
Bb CNo, not you
FBut the thing
FThat really did me in
AmI learned your full of dust mite excrements
FAnd those dead skin cells
FMay be mine
AmBut knowing what's in you,
Bb CI can't sleep at night
F Bb FWe've been through both thick and thin
F(Because you're a pillow)
F Bb FIt's hard to say this is the end
F(My favorite pillow)
F Bb FIt's not me, it's definitely you
F(I'll get a new pillow)
F You're a body fluid sponge,
Bb FAnd we're through
[let ring] (I'm getting a new you)
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