Rhett Miller – Our Love tab

ok listen up tammy,
this is a real fun song to play. They played it on an episode of Scrubs, "His Story II".
would be the episode where J.D and Elliot hook up..... for the second time!!! Anyway
this is a good song and cheers me up when im depressed, hopefully it works for you. haha 
there any corrections to be made, e-mail me at.... am_ashton@yahoo.com


---Verse 1:
G                                                      C
Richard thought his letters to his lover Matilda were a mess
He should have quit, before he had written the address.
                      Dsus4  D       (Dsus2   D)
They made love on the mezzanine, her husband was his friend
Vienna in a fugue-state working on a thing,
That when he finished it took almost seven hours to sing.
                       Dsus4     D      (Dsus2   D)
He still found time to write to her, his heart-exploding words.

 G             Em                D
Our love surpassed, our love so fast.
                 C                  D       G
Our love's all wrong, our love goes on and on.
             Em                D                              C
Our love became, our love by name, when I wrote it to you in a song.
              D       G
Our love goes on and on.
 G    C   D    G            C D
Our love our love

---Verse 2:
Kafka in his letters to his lover Milena was alive,
But he was waiting for a love that never would arrive.
Their rendezvous was singular, her husband was his friend.
She is a living fire, she is a reason to live.
She is killing me, burning only for him
I'll spend my whole life loving her, my heart exploding words

---Chorus: With 2 repetitions on the last line

---Instrumental: Same chords as verse, with same timing

*sorry i dont have the solo figured out*

---Chorus: With 4 repetitions on the last line

Timed as the last line in the chorus, repeat until end.
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