Rialto - Monday Morning 5 19 tab


A truly great song. Not tabbed anywhere. My first effort.

Em	: 022000
Am	: 003320
D	: 000232
G	: 320033
C	: X32010
C#dim	: 002323
Esus	: 022200
B7	: 212020

Em			 Am
At eight o'clock we said goodbye, 
D			          G
that's when I left her house for mine. 
C			 C#dim
She said that she'd be staying in  
Esus                            B7
well she had to be at work by nine. 
Em			 Am
So I get home and have a bath, 
D                        G
and let an hour or two pass; 
C	              C#dim
drifting in front of my TV, 
Esus                         B7
when a film comes on that she wants to see.

E         Am 	      D
It's Monday Morning 5:19, 
	        G	             C
and I'm still wondering where she's been,
	    Am             D		  G
 'cos every time I try to call I just get her machine. 
E            Am 	 D
And now it's almost six am, 
               G	  C
and I don't want to try again,
 'cos if she's still not back 
          B7	       Em
then this must be the end.

At first I guess she's gone to get 
herself a pack of cigarettes, 
a pint of milk, food for the cat, 
but it's midnight now and she's still not back.


At half past two I picture her
 in the back of someone else's car 
 he runs his fingers through her hair
... Oh you shouldn't let him touch you there!

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