Ricardo Sanchez – I Call Your Name chords

I Call Your Name - Ricardo Sanchez

 D              G               (4x)

Verse 1:
D G D/F# BmHoly, Lord God almighty
Em GAncient of Days, Giver of Faith
ALord I need You
Verse 2:
D G D/F# Bm Worthy, Lord Your deserving
Em GOf all I am, I lay me down
ALord I need You
D GI call Your name, Lord You reply,
Bm AYou bring Your kingdom to stand by my side
D/F# GGiver of Life, more than I need,
Bm AFather Your everything that's precious to me
Em F#m G(pause) D(do Intro CP/tab 2x)There is no one like You Lord in all the earth
D There's none like You
G There's no one like You Lord
D/F# G (D) There's no one like You in all the earth
Repeat Bridge 8x (end in D)
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