Rich Hardesty - Your In Jamaica Now tab

Your In Jamaica Now
G                 C       D             G
Up at the cliffs, at the west end of Negril
There is a Place called the Pickled Parrot, that’s the place where is get my thrills
Sitting around with a few good friends, I hope this gate away never ends oh no
When I open my eyes and take a deep breath, and I am in Jamaica again

Em                         C                  G                 D
So I get out of my chair and I feel the sun, down on my back in Jamaica mon

I go to the hut and order some rum; he smiles and says where are you from 
your in Jamaica mon, no problem
your in Jamaica mon, no problem
your in Jamaica mon, no problem
your in Jamaica mon, no problem

Soon come back Jerk chicken attach, I will pay you back when you have a 100 J, okay
I forgot to change my US dollar but I bet, the tip bring back anyway
Sitting around in the Caribbean on a chair feeling fine
Drinking down some rum at the rain time, soaking up the shine


Drinking a red stripe feeling real great so I jump off the cliff and swim over to Joseph’s cave
Snorkeling in the Caribbean, wasting the day away
There is a Reggae party on the beach tonight; I am going to take a nap so I am prepared
Dennis Brown and the yellow man and the Papi trend and some dude with dreads in his hair, oh yes, oh yes

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