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First Family 
Rich Mullins

D		                    G/D    A/D   D 
My folks they were always the first family to arrive 
     Em7/sus4        D/F#          G2             A7/sus4  A7 
With seven people jammed into a car that seated five 
	  D				      G/D	 A/D	   D 
There was one bathroom to bathe and shave in, six of us stood in line 
   Em7/sus4	 D/F#	         G2		 A7/sus4 
And hot water for only three but we all did just fine 
G2		D/F#	 Em7   A7	    D   Em7/sus4 D/F# 
Talk about your miracles, talk about your faith 
G		D/F#		       E7sus E7  A7/sus4  A7 
My dad he could make things grow out of Indiana clay 
G2		 D/F#		     Em7        A	 Bm 
Mom could make a gourmet meal out of just cornbread and beans 
          Em7		      D2/F# 
And they worked to give faith hands and feet 
     G	   A7/sus4     D     Dsus  (G/D  D2/A  A7) 
And somehow gave it wings 
I can still hear my dad cussin', he's working late out in the barn 
The spring planting's a coming and the tractors just won't run 
Mom she's done the laundry, I can see it waving on the line 
Now they've stayed together through the pain, the strain of those times 
D/C#   Bm			F#m	      G		         D  F#m/C# 
   And now they've raised five children, one winter they lost a son 
	Bm		       F#m 
But the pain didn't leave them crippled 
	Em7        E7/G#     A7/sus4   A7 
And the scars have made them strong 
G	      D/F#	       Em7	A7	 Bm 
Never picture perfect, just a plain man and his wife 
    Em7		    D2/F#           G2	       Em            A7/sus4  G/A  A 
Who somehow knew the value of hard work, good love, and real life 
  D                     G/D A/D	   D 
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