Richard Ashcroft – New York tab

New York
Another simple but good song
D: xx0232
C: x32010
Em: 022000

Are you tuning in x4

D         C         Em
And I wanted to go
Half my life
And I feel kind of strange
Like I never lived that life

D       C         Em
And I?m trying hard
To control my heart
And I always want to know
And I always want to go

New York are you tuning in
New York big city of dreams
New York oh what a city
New York Are you tuning in x4

There?s now time to unpack yet
Let?s get straight out on the street
And feel no inhibitions
This city was built for me

And my head is full of questions
When did I feel this good
In the arms of my lover
Burning through the night of New York

And its funny how time fly?s
In the city that never sleeps
It?s getting after hours
And I?m feeling the heat

I?M almost dead and buried
The day nearly done
But I want to keep on going
I?m going to kiss the sun in New York

And I?m feeling kind of selfish
I've been busy on your island
Just having my own fun

It?s an English tradition
Find some money make some time
Get busy on your island
And slowly lose our minds in New York
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