Richard Ashcroft - World Keeps Turning tab

This is my first attempt at a Tab so its not very complicated, after listening to
Ashcroft's new album I just had to work out "World Keeps Turning" as this tune is
superb, here goes:-

Legend:     G  :  320002
            F  :  003211 
            C  :  x32010
          Fmaj7:  x03210
            Am :  x02210
            Dm :  xx0231
            Em :  022000 

Intro & Verse: (Keep changing from one to the other)

C  , Fmaj7

Bridge & Chorus  (just play these notes in this order, its easy to sort the timings for chord changes)

F , Am , Dm , Am , G , F , Em , G

I think this works well when played along with the song, see what you think & let me know tyour thoughts
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