Richard Marx – Endless Summer Nights chords

Endless Summer Nights
By Richard Marx

Capo 1st 
Intro: G, C, D, C, D,   G, C, D, C, D

Verse 1
Em DSummer came and went without a warning,
Em DAll at once I looked and you were gone,
CNow you’re looking back at me,
Am7 G FSearching for a way that we can be, like we were before.
Verse 2
Em DNow I’m back to what I knew before you,
Em DSomehow the city doesn’t look the same,
CI’d give my life for one more night,
Am7 Of having you here to hold me tight,
G F DOh please, take me there again, Oh, Oh, Oh
C D/G C D C-DAnd I remember how you loved me,
G C Em D /Dsus4/DTime was all we had until the day we said goodbye,
G C D C D G C/D C/DI remember every moment of those endless summer nights.
Verse 3
Em D Dsus/Dsus4I still recall the walks along the beaches,
Em D Dsus/Dsus4And the way your hair would glisten in the sun,
C Am7 G FRising in the afternoon, making love with you under the moon, Oh
Em D Dsus/Dsus4Do you remember all the nights we spent in silence,
Em D Dsus/Dsus4Every single breath you took was mine,
C Am7 G We can have it all again, say that you’ll be with me when the sun,
F DBrings your heart to mine, Oh, Oh
**CHORUS** Bridge:
Am7 D G CThere’s only so much I can say, So please don’t run away,
Am7 D Dsus4/D/DsusFrom what we had together,
Am7 D G CIt’s only you and me tonight, So let’s get lost in flight,
Am7 D Dsus4/D/Dsus/DOh won’t you please surrender,
INTRO Chorus
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