Richard Marx – Keep Coming Back chords

I tried to find out the chords. Though beginning from Bm. 

Bm EYou know just how to hurt me
Bm EAnd how to take all the pain away
Bm E Bm E Girl, you must be the devil in disguise
Bm E There were times, I think you knew
Bm EWhen I was so afraid of you
Bm E Bm EThere's some kind of madness in your eyes
A DYou know a place buried deep in my heart
Bm EThat nobody else can see
A F#Something in you has taken some kind of hold on me
Bm E Bm Chorus:I don't know why I keep coming back to you baby (x2)
EYou say we shouldn't be lovers
Bm EAnd I say we can't just be friends
Bm E Bm And baby all this talking makes me want you more
A DYou've got a way of confusing a heart
Bm Ethat nobody else could do
A F# Why should I try, I don't wanna get over you
Repeat chorus.
Bm E A F# BmI'm so in love, so in love with the games that you play
D E D F# Bm EI'm so in love and nothing can keep me away
Repeat chorus.
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