Richard Marx – Now And Forever chords

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Song: NOW AND FOREVER                                                           
Artist: Richard Marx
Contributed by: Louie A. Ebojo

Intro: G-Am7/G~D~Am7-; 2x

G D/F# EmWhenever I'm weary
Am Am7/G D9/F#From the battles that rage in my head
G D/F# EmYou make sense of madness
Am Am7/G D9/F#When my sanity hangs by a thread
C B7I lose my way, but still you
Em Em7/D Em6Seem to understand
Am7 D7susNow and forever
D7 (Intro once) I will be your man.
G D/F# EmSometimes I just hold you
Am Am7/G D9/F#Too caught up in me to see
G D/F# EmI'm holding a fortune
Am Am7/G D9/F#That Heaven has given to me
C B7I'll try to show you
Em Em7/D Em6Each and every way I can
Am7 D7susNow and forever
D7 G-Am7/G~D~Am7I will be your man
B7 Em CNow I can rest my worries
G DAnd always be sure
Em C G D/F#That I won't be alone, anymore
Em C G DIf I'd only known you were there
Am7All the time
Cm+Maj7-Cm6All this time
Ad lib: (Chords of 1st 4 lines of Verse 1)
C B7Until the day the ocean
Em Em7/D Em6Doesn't touch the sand
Am7 D7susNow and forever
D7 G-Am7/G~D~Am7I will be your man
Am7 D7sus D9*D7Now and forever I will be
C Cm6--G-Am7/G~D~Am7-Gyour man.
Chords: EADGBe G 320003 Am7/G 3x2010 Am7 x02013 Am x02210 D (intro) xx403x D9/F# 2x0230 D/F# 2x0232 D7sus xx0213 D7 xx0212 D xx0232 D9 xx0230 C X32010 B7 x21202 Em 022000 Em7/D xx0000 Em6 x42000 Cm+Maj7 x35443 Cm6 x32243 Legend: ~ Slide the Chord * Abrupt change in Chord
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