Richard Marx - Too Late To Say Goodbye tab

Too late to say goodbye

This is an awesome track from the Repeat offender album, which was released as a single
the states I believe, anyway have fun the riff is awesome.  This is exactly how it is
in the live version and I am positive its correct.  The chords for the verse and chorus 
be barred, anyway enjoy.

(main riff)e|--------------------------------0---------------------------|B|--------------------------------1---------------------------|G|--------------------------------2---------0----0------------|D|-------0-0h2-0--0--0-0h2-0----2-2-------2--------4----------|A|-----2--------2--2--------0-0-----0-2-3-----5---------------|E|---0--------------------------------------------------------|x3
(verse) Em7 What I had to flaunt has come back to haunt Am7 like a restless wind Em7 And the best of times that were left behind Am7 They come blowing in (bridge) C D No one's pushing me through that door C D C It might aswell be a forty four.......In the night (Chorus) D Em It's to late to say goodbye Am7 I'm all out of lies Bm7 C D It's to late to say goodbye........... (Main riff) (verse) chords are the same as verse 1 How can I resist one more strangers Kiss Should the thrill be gone And if I must refrain will I wind up the same As the jealous dogs (bridge) From this day forward could be to long But crossing the border would be so wrong......and you're right Chorus Main riff Chrous Main riff to end | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =====================================================================
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