Richard Thompson – Pavanne tab


E                   D  A     Bm
Pavanne, cold steel woman Pavanne
E          A      E          D                C             E 
How do you love a woman with eyes cold as the barrel of her gun
      D                C          E
Who's never missed her mark on anyone
  Bm       F#m      E      Bm  F#m  E
Pavanne, Pavanne, Pavanne

  G          D     A         F#m                  E 
Casino doors swing open, the rich men raise their eyes
     G       D       A         F#m        B
They say who is this beauty as elegant as ice
    D                 A/C#      Bm              G
And later there's an accident, another charge d'affair
   C          Bm                Am         Bm 
Is lying in a pool of blood, no witness anywhere

         C             D             E
And they say she was a hundred miles away
    C#m   B      A                 E
The hotel porter saw her climb the stairs
        C#m       B         A                   F#m
And the maid with trembling hands knows what to say
         B                    E                     B7 
When the judge says "Are your sure," "I'm sure" she swears


At the presidential palace a thousand people saw
His excellency leave his car and never make the door
The blood flows from his fingers as he clutches at the stain
He staggers like a drunken man, lies twisted in the rain

And they say she grew up well provided for
Her mother used to keep her boys for sure
And father's close attentions led to talk
She learned to stab her food with a silver fork

Pavanne, cold steel woman Pavanne

         C#m     B      A             E
And they say she didn't do it for the money
         C#m     B      A           F#m
And they say she didn't do it for a man
     B            E              B7
They say that she did it for the pleasure, 
    F#m             B B7  
The pleasure of the moment


by: José Duarte
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