Richard Thompson - Ill Tag Along chords

I’ll Tag Along 

BDon’t mind me, friend of a friend
DBent the key to my lost weekend
BDon’t mind me, along for the ride
DDiz the Gasman says it’s all right
E GI’ll tag along and get a taste of things
E BAnd flap my little wings, I’ll tag along
You could be my kind of crowd Little bit edgy, little bit loud I test the water, I feel the heat Before I jump in with both feet I’ll tag along, I’ll keep out of your hair You’ll hardly know I’m there, I’ll tag along
B7Love those swirly whirly lights
Love that girl with the rips down her tights Might have to hurl when the Molotov bites, I’ll tag along I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me I was right at the back, invisible, see? I’m 100 per cent, and that’s a fact You can ask Diz , I’ll be right back I’ll tag along And get a taste of things And flap my little wings, I’ll tag along Light fantastic, pop a few My brain’s elastic, appetite too Cash or plastic? I’d kill for the loo, I’ll tag along by: José Duarte
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