Richard Thompson - She Said It Was Destiny chords

She Said It Was Destiny  
E F Am G Is this the togetherness she meant - so rosy
F Am GI thought we’d share a continent - so cosy
F D B7I thought love’s passions really would be more touchy-feely, well, well
E C#m F#m E C#m F#mShe said it was destiny, she said it was written somewhere
D A F#m B7But if it was destiny why am I over here and she’s over there
E C#m F#m E C#m F#mShe said it was in the stars, something that just had to be
D A F#m B7 EBut Venus aligned with Mars always really takes it out of me
O I’m not proud of my deceit - you know that To come so near and then retreat - you know that One beat before I fell somewhere I heard a bell - ring, ring Chorus Middle part (can’t find lyrics): Am F#m There’s clouds across my crystal ball - too misty Was I too quick to give it all - when she kissed me She’s thrown a net on me, razor wire geometry Chorus by: José Duarte
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