Richard Thompson - For The Sake Of Mary chords

For The Sake Of Mary 
Intro: C D C C\B C\A F  (4X)

D For the sake of Mary I kicked the reds
FJunked the juice, I drink coffee instead
DStraightened my teeth, bent my back
F IntroCut my friends dead from the old rat-pack, for Mary
She bought me this silk suit, watch and chain She put the rhythm in my stride again She showed me the way to make her feel good If I could do more then I surely would, for Mary. Ah, for Mary.
GFor the sake of Mary I played my hand
DShe still don't trust me to be her man
GI say the right thing but my timing's bad
Am GShe thinks I'm like the rest, but I'm the best she's ever had
Intro For the sake of Mary, for the sake of Mary Oh I was cook first class on the Belfast B But when she sailed she sailed without me In Needle Pete's I got my last tattoo In bleeding letters of red and blue for Mary. Ah, for Mary For the sake of Mary I changed my drift I got a good job on the graveyard shift She set her heart on a pretty little place I want to see the tears of joy on her face, oh-oh For the sake of Mary Instrumental part: Bb C D C C\B C\A F (2X) For the sake of Mary I keep the flame I don't want to be a villain again She had her bad times and it shook her about I don't want to take the easy way out, no, no For the sake of Mary... by: José Duarte
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