Richard Thompson - Georgie On A Spree chords

Georgie On A Spree 

A D B7 E Me mammy told me, Isabel, now don’t stay out too late
A D B7 E One day they’ll throw you out of school so get yourself a steady date
C# F#m B7 E But Georgie meets me every night, we go out and we have a bite
C# F#m B7 E Eyes of blue, and money too, he’s rattling the garden gate,
D EAnd I can hardly wait—
A D A When Georgie’s on a spree all the girls are jealous of me
E F#m B7 E Cause I’m the one he spends his money on, we spend it, one two three,
A D C# Driving in his Chevrolet I’m perfect company
D A E A He’s the king and I’m his queen when Georgie’s on a spree.
We don’t see bad company, we mix it with the best Rubbing shoulders with the rich and no time for the rest When I see something that I need my Georgie buys the street for me And when we’re tired of the Ritz he’s got a little nest Where I put him to the test. Chorus One day Georgie hung his head and sadly he did say— Little girl, I’m leaving you, I have to go away; But I’ll be back in a week or two and I’ll be thinking just of you Sit beside your telephone until that lucky day When I come home to stay— Chorus + He’s the king and I’m his queen When Georgie’s on a spree by: José Duarte
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