Richard Thompson – The Great Valerio tab

There are certainly more accurate representations of this song posted on the web, but
there's no way I am going to play them. Let's face it; mr.Thompson is rated 12th best
guitar player ever by Rolling Stone magazine, while I am no where on that list. But these
chords suit the average campfire player as well as the song.

Am                  Em
High up above the crowd
Am                    Em
The graet Valerio is walking
Am                                Em
His rope sems hung from cloud to cloud
Am                            G7
Time stands still while he is walking
C           F             Am
His eye is steady on the target
F                         G7
His foot is sure upon the rope
Am                       Dm
Alone and peacefull as a mountain
Em           C      E7     Am
And certain as a mountain slope

B7              C      F
How we wonder, how we wonder
G         C    F
Watching far below
Am                    Dm
We would all be that great hero
Em        C E7 Am
The great Valerio

We falter at the sight
We stumble in the mire
Fools who think they see the light
Prepare to balance on the wire
But we learn to watch together
And feed on what we see above
Until our hearts turn like the season
And we are acrobats of love


Come all you upstart jugglers
Are you really ready yet
Who will help the tightrope walker
As he stumbles to the net
Come and see Valerio
As he dances through the air
I'm your friend untill you use me
And then be sure that I'll be there
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