Richard Thompson - Mingus Eyes tab


Bm 		  Bm	          D	                  Bm
What a fool I was. What a thin disguise.
E	    G		    C	       Bm
Brando mumble,           Mingus eyes

Was a time she fell, but then she got wise
Brando mumble, Mingus eyes

(Barre chord the next ones, D B G and Fm, then back to barring Bm)

D			B			D 			B
I never had the squint of James Dean, or the Stanislavsky tears
D			B			G			Fm
Or the rebel hunch that kills, or the smile that slowly disappears

What a fool I was. What a thin disguise.
Brando mumble, Mingus eyes
Brando mumble, Mingus eyes

Just a Simple Part he plays between Bm and E, sorry bout the timing as i just did it on word.

E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G------------2-----------2-- (*2-| Then below, then chorus.D---------2------4---4-------------|A---2--5---------------------------|E----------------------------------|
E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------3---------------3---------------------------------------------|G---4-2---4-2-----------------2---------------2----4-4-2-4-1-2---------------------| then ED------------------------2-4-----------2-4-----------------------4----- “Brando--|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
The harder improv bits I didn't do as it runs on the same kind of pattern. I haven't been able to find a tab of this song and I decided to try myself and I hope this helps. Any corrections please send to
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