Richard Walters – Elephant In The Room chords


Capo 2

*If you don't have a capo, the Chords WITHOUT a capo are: A(G), C#m(Bm), E(D), D(C)* 

Verse 1:
G Bm D Calling you to wake
G Bm Shouting in my car that's stalled outside
D G And it's pure coincidence I'm sure
Bm D G Bm D Falling from my mouth, secondary doubts I've found myself in
C Can't seem to look you in the eye
Bm D And I hope you can see
C Bm D I'm more than this, this heap at your feet
C Bm Who are you to judge me?
D C Who are you to preach?
D Control has slipped away from me again
G Bm D How heavy are these words?
G They're heavier than air
Bm D That rushes past your face as you drive away from me again
G Bm D How heavy are these hands?
G They're heavier than blood
Bm D That rushes to my head as you walk away from me again
**Same chord patterns repeat for the verse, bridge, and chorus throughout the song**
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