Richard Zachary - Cote Blanche Bay tab

D                         G
Sail with me and I will make you fortune
D			G
Whether it be women or gold
A	                             G	
A tall ship riding upon the Gulf Stream water
A                                                 G			D  G  D G
The hurricane has blown me so far from home
D		  G
I fly the flag of southern Carthagena
D		              G						
All the Spanish  boats fair game
A			G
The days are hot and the nightís filled with singing
A			G
Women in the moonlight dancin away
Down in Cote Blanche Bay
G		         D
Down in Cote Blanche Bay
D	                   G		
All the creole ladies call him Bebe
D			G
The renegades call him Capitaine
A		                       G		
But things were never the same south of New Orleans
A		G
Ever since the Americans came
Down  in Cote Blanche Bay
G		          D
Down in Cote Blanche Bay

Too many women 
To much drinkin
G		D
I canít sleep at night

If only
I could stop thinkin
G	          A										
If only I could hold you tight
		       D                  G   D  (2nd Time)
Down in Cote Blance Bay (x2)
D			       G
Whatís a pirate to do when his sea legs get rusty
D			   G
When all the wind has left his sail
A			G
Iím going down south to where no one can find me
A			         G	
Sleeping on the beach with a dock side girl
Down in Cote Blanche Bay (repeat several times)
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